Postpartum Depression: Letting Go of the Past

This is a personal goodbye letter to who I used to be. I believe that every new mom should partake in this practice to fully immerse themselves into their new chapter as "Mom".

Dear Past Self,

Mourn who you used to be. Do it for a short time, but if you feel that you must, then do it. You need to feel everything your mind, body and soul has to offer. You just had an entire being come out of you. That is something you definitely have never felt before.

But, remember that that pre- baby version of you is not dead. You have just added to one of your many abilities. You are stronger and more talented than ever before. You can cook, clean, take care of three animals, and be on a Zoom call all while a baby sucks milk out of your breast. You are a SUPER WOMAN.

You went from the red carpet to the changing table. Interviewing Hollywood stars to managing clients in a 50 sq. ft. room because COVID had you quarantined. You went from organizing city hall events to organizing a diaper bag.

More importantly you went from happy to the happiest you've ever been.

I know you had a hard time adjusting to motherhood. I know you didn't have that magical "ah ha" moment when you had your baby girl. But, that was because you always knew that you were called for this moment. God set you apart to be this little angel's mother. It's always been in you.

It is not your time to sit and wallow in who you used to be and what you used to do. It is your time to step into one of your many callings and guide this child into hers. It's time to be greater than you ever were; she's watching every thing you do.

If you're sad, you're emotion will carry to her. She feels your love, your warmth, you're fierceness, and your power. Be everything to her that you see yourself as, at the peak of your life. Speak as much life into yourself as you do into her. And as you speak know that you are bringing it all into existence.

You got this. Take a deep breath and fight for the life you imagined for your family and live it every second of the day.

With Love,

Mama Tay