Scariest Moment of My Mom Life... So Far

As an experienced baby sitter I was always confident in almost everything I did from cleaning up oozing green poop, giving baths to cholic children, to braiding tender headed kids' hair.

But, when it came to my own baby, ESPECIALLY as a first time mom with a "unique" needs child, every moment is a scary moment.

Sitting in the bedroom of our ancestral house I couldn't help but feel like the biggest failer EVER. Baby in arm, blood oozing everywhere, I didn't know whether to cry, call 911 or just give up and try again next year (that was a joke).

On the verge of breaking down into tears I yell frantically to my boyfriend in the living room. He comes rushing in and as I told him what happened I can see the disappointment on his face and the, "you hurt my baby" about to utter out of his mouth.

But, I guess he decided against it as he simply asked me, "What should I get". My mind instantly sprang into action as I firmly requested, wet naps, neosporin, and bandaids, bandaids, and more bandaids.

Looking back on the scene now I have come to realize that every parent has gone through this. In my case I think I brought my fears to fruition. Or maybe I'm being dramatic. But, either way clipping baby's nails for the first time has by far been the scariest thing I've ever done.